Shonen Jump Force V2 Game Offline [Android & PC]


Shonen Jump Force V2 is a PC game which is made by a Dnug. Yotuber . In this game you can see lot of different characters from different animes like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch, Demon Slayer etc. It is a very fun game where you can play games with your friends in 2 player vs battle and team battle.

You can play this game on PC and Android using exagear emulator but i sugget you to play this game on PC for more fun. In the menu option there are acrade, vs, training and watch mode are available. you cna also change the button by going in setting option. You can play this game on hd and full hd mode in folder data mugen.

Mugen is a 2D fighting game. where you can almost everything customized from individual characters to stage and menu also. You can customized title screen, character screen, bars and life, fonts, sound effect and many more.You can use up to 7 buttons for a characters. There are regular moves, special moves and super moves etc. You can also use combos .

 Jump Force Mugen V11


Operating System : Window 7
Processor : Intel core i3
Ram : 3 GB 
Graphic card : 1 GB
Storege need :


Platform : Pc
Language : English
Control : Keyboard & Joystick
Game Size :
Author : Dnug.

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