Bleach vs Naruto

Jump force v6.5 is a bleach vs narutpo anime apk game which is mod by AI GAMING MUGEN which you can play on android  in offine mode. In this game there are alot of differnt characters from naruto , dragon ball, jujutsu kaisen, bleach etc. In the game menu there is option of acade mode, vs mode and training mode. In training mode you can practice  how to control the characters , you can learn to use combo skill to combine them and also find hidden skill to make your game play smooth and enjoybale.

There are 130 character and 47 maps where you can choose your favourite characters to play with  cpu or opponents. It  is a battle game where you can enjoy your gaming with fun. 

Bleach vs Naruto is a 2D free online fighting game. It is developed by chinese developer 5dplay, editor choice. You can play this game on PC and Android. Bleach vs naruto is a anime game of experience of different aniem characters battle in one game you can can add your characters and stage/map. 

Platform : Android
Language : English
Control : Touch
Game Size : 961 Mb
Author : Ai Gaming Mugen

How To Download

Password: LiteVersion65

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